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New Patients

Virtual Appointments and Consultations

We are happy to offer our patients virtual appointments and consultations that are flexible and accommodating to your busy lifestyle. You can learn if you are a candidate for treatment from your phone virtually. We will assess your smile and discuss what treatment is right for you.

Where do I start?

Before your initial consultation, you will be scheduled to come in person for a record appointment. Photos, appropriate x-rays, and a 3D digital scan will be taken at this appointment for Dr. Reed to review. We will then reach out to coordinate a convenient time for your virtual consultation.

Your initial consultation will give you the opportunity to meet our team, learn more about orthodontics, and find out what treatment options will best meet your needs.

During your initial consultation, we will:

  • Review your Dental and Medical History Forms
  • Complete an Oral Exam with Appropriate Radiographs
  • Gather a 3D Digital Scan of your Teeth to avoid Messy Impressions
  • Create a Customized Treatment Plan
  • Review all Financial and Insurance Information
  • Review any Questions or Concerns you may have
New Patients
New Patients

What happens after the initial consultation?

You’re one step closer to achieving the smile you’ve always wanted! After your consultation, we will schedule your first appointment with Dr. Reed’s team. At this appointment, we will deliver your new treatment appliances and review all instructions for future care. This appointment is generally about an hour so we can ensure you are leaving the appointment with the utmost confidence in the steps you are taking towards your new smile.